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Our mission is to Make A Difference and help those who may be struggling (spiritually, emotionally, physically, or financially) from the challenges that a cancer diagnosis may bring.  Our HOPE is to be a sense of comfort during some of those days when struggles can sometimes seem they are at their highest. 

Our family founded CBH Ministry and Cancer Foundation to help others and to bring HOPE to those in our communities who are struggling with the challenges that a cancer diagnosis can bring.

Some of the ways CBH is helping others and providing HOPE in one’s journey are listed below:

   our Mission

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• We provide healthcare and cancer education counseling, awareness, and ministry training sessions to community churches and organizations and we also work on:


• Creating and Providing Gifts Of HOPE to our friends in the community living with cancer;


• Helping families with some of the financial struggles that go alone with the diagnosis of cancer;


• Providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support to patients and caregivers;


• Educating others on what cancer is, what it does, how we can become more proactive in our own health care, and the effects it can have on patients, families, and caregivers;


• Providing healing and encouraging scriptures to patients and families to try and offer an inner HOPE and strive to deepen their spiritual relationship with God.

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