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Gifts of Hope

When you donate a "Gift of HOPE" to someone, you choose who its from.  You may want your name on it, maybe you want to put your organizations name on it, or you may even want to send it anonymous to someone. By offering encouragement to others, you too then become part of a larger picture.  You become part of bringing healing and HOPE to others.  You become part of our Ministry!

HOPE is for Everyone!  It's highly likely you know someone with Cancer, or possibly even lost a friend or loved one to the disease.  We designed this program for anyone seeking or longing for HOPE, or wanting to offer HOPE to others.

At CBH Ministry we want to take things a step further...  How about having your loved ones name live on?


For example, We are naming the FIRST Male HOPE bag "The Joe Cicero Hope Bag".  When you visit our website and donate a bag, we will send it in honor of your loved ones name.  We can even attach a picture or description of your loved one inside the bag.  

CBH Ministry is partnering with local infusion agencies and oncologists in the area and our "Gifts of HOPE" will be given out on a regular basis to chemotherapy recipients. The HOPE gifts are designed for both male or female and can be tailored for any age.

More Information to come! This Box is Still Under Construction.. Stay Tuned!! 

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