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Below you will find local businesses that support CBH Ministry and Cancer Foundation. 


We donate our handcrafted Gifts of HOPE to patients receiving chemotherapy and they can be found either in the hospital setting or in outpatient infusion centers. Our HOPE is that they bring a sense of comfort to patients during this time. 


If you want to find out how to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and add your church or business to our list, help with fundraising, or find out more about who we are and our mission, please email us at for more information. 


To Make A Donation to CBH Ministry and Cancer Foundation and help spread HOPE to others, press the DONATE button at the top of the screen. 

If you prefer to donate by check, please make checks payable to:

CBH Ministry and Cancer Foundation

PO Box 281

Dallas, Pa. 18612


Thank you for your support!


If you want to see your church learn more about cancer awareness and education, or start a cancer ministry team, please let your leaders know about us and our website, or send us their name and a contact, and we will reach out to them.
The following churches help support outreach with CBH and/ or help pass out some of our Gifts of HOPE:


Where You Will Find Our Gifts of HOPE


Radio Stations that Support our Ministry

Business's That Donate Supplies to our Ministry

We are quickly adding to our list of Supporters of HOPE.


IF you own a business and would like to help spread HOPE and donate to CBH Ministry and Cancer Foundation, let us know. We would LOVE to hear from you! 


Check back for updates!

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