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The History of Our Foundation

CBH Cancer Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization our family founded in honor of my father, Joseph Cicero.


Please take a moment to read on and see the motivation behind our vision.

My father was the kind of man who would give anyone the shirt off his back. He was also a man who back in the mid 80’s was told the three words that No One ever wants to hear: "You have cancer".  At age 45, our dad was diagnosed with throat cancer.


My sister Noreen and I were barely teenagers while this was all going on.  In our family at that time, the word "cancer" was considered taboo.  We never fully understood the battle he was facing, the fears he may have had, and the uncertainty each day brought. 


Our dad made life seem normal for us, although his was in complete turmoil. His treatment consisted of radiation every day for several weeks.  We saw him wake up every morning at 5am, drive an hour and a half for the radiation, and then drive home another hour and a half, only to go to work for nine hours every day. He did this for at least eight weeks.  He tried to hide just how much it was all affecting him. He hid his pain and suffering because he was the sole provider for our family. Not once did he ever miss a day of work. Not once did we ever not have food on the table. Not once did we ever go without lunch money for the week. 

Cancer affects everyone differently.  I thank The Lord for the strength and energy our dad had to go on and continue to fight through the struggles that cancer can bring.  I’m so thankful he was able to support us during that time, and I’m so thankful our Heavenly father provided us with an earthly father who always taught us family comes first.  He beat that cancer and he won that battle! 

We all know others are not as fortunate.  No one ever wants to hear the words “you have cancer”, and about thirty-two years later, once again, he was told those very words.   In 2012, our father was about to begin another battle, he was now diagnosed with colon cancer.  Sadly, in June of 2014, we lost our dad to the effects of the disease.  

"CBH Ministry and Cancer Foundation was founded not only to let our fathers legacy live on, but he would want us to offer HOPE to those in our communities who are struggling with the many challenges and uncertainties that a cancer diagnosis may bring." - Michelle Cicero Higgins


If my father were alive today, he would want to help, offer HOPE, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE to each individual out there (just like that boy in The Starfish Poem) who has been diagnosed with cancer and are ready to fight.  Click the "Making A Difference" tab in the menu to read The Story of the Starfish and see how one person truly CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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