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When someone is first diagnosed with cancer, there is a lot of uncertainty and many questions that follow.  Individuals begin to worry about their families and loved ones, they may wonder how they will continue to work and pay bills, and may even begin to question their faith. Many times we also see individuals turn to their faith for perhaps a deeper spiritual understanding of sickness and comfort.

Financial Gifts Of HOPE


A cancer diagnosis can be expensive and according to, many people have unplanned expenses related to their care. Often, finances are a source of stress and anxiety. Sometimes, costs keep people from completing cancer treatment. This increases health risks. It may also lead to more expenses in the future.  Because of the complexity and variation in cancer treatment, it is difficult to predict the actual costs for any cancer patient at the time of diagnosis.


Working with church leaders is going to be our BEST lead for providing any financial aid to assist on one's journey to meet some of these needs.


CBH Ministry & Cancer Foundation is dedicated to help ease the burden of some of those expenses.  


If you would like to be a part of our ministry and help MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the life of someone living with cancer, please press the Donate Button at the Top of your screen.


***We also have a PO BOX***

Make checks payable to:

CBH Ministry and Cancer Foundation

PO BOX 281

Dallas, Pa. 18612

  Since we are a 501c3, many charitable contributions are tax deductible (as allowed by law).  No amount is too small and your contribution MATTERS.  


You can donate from either yourself, your organization, or in memory of your loved one. 


Many people have even inquired if CBH Ministry and Cancer Foundation can be named as a beneficiary in a will, and the answer to that is yes. 


CBH can also be named as part of funeral arrangements or "In Lieu of Flowers". 


All donations can be made through this website and benefit CBH Ministry and Cancer Foundation and our mission to help others facing a cancer diagnosis. 


We thank you for your contribution to our Ministry and Foundation.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated and goes a long way in blessing others. 

Every Donation to CBH Ministry & Cancer Foundation goes directly toward allowing our ministry to operate and assist individuals and their families in providing emotional and spiritual support, offering Gifts of HOPE (both physical and financial), and helping meet basic needs to others during cancer treatment.

"Chemotherapy can be an exhausting treatment for anyone dealing with a cancer diagnosis. 

It can suddenly make it seem impossible to meet basic weekly needs. 

Meeting those basic needs such as groceries for the week or having a full tank of gas to get to work or doctor appointments, should not become overwhelming at a time where there is no room for any added stress.

Our goal is to help fulfill some of those needs and switch the focus from a sense of worry and uncertainty, to a feeling of HOPE."  Doug Higgins


HOPE is for Everyone!  It's highly likely you know someone with Cancer, or possibly even lost a friend or loved one to the disease.  Perhaps you may have fought the battle and won, and now your able to spread HOPE to someone.  We designed this program for anyone seeking, longing for, or wanting to offer HOPE to others.

Did you know that when you see a lavender ribbon, it represents the universal color for all types of cancer?

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