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       For Church Leaders

According to the American Cancer society, over 12 million people in the United States are living with (or have been diagnosed) with cancer. 


Each year 1.5 million people receive a cancer diagnosis. For example, in a Church of 200 approximately 8 are living with cancer and 2 more will be diagnosed with cancer every year.  

Each individual has family members and caregivers that are affected by cancer as well.  We are committed to educating church leaders and the community about this much needed ministry and how our foundation can bring HOPE to so many.


After a few sessions of informative training, the participants will then possess the tools needed so they can then form a cancer ministry of their own within their church. 

Our Cancer Ministry is based on teachings from Cancer Treatment Centers of America Cancer Ministry Seminars, as well as biblically based scriptures that are the foundation of God's HOPE. 


These seminars will help equip God's people with the tools needed to bring HOPE to millions who are living with cancer, one patient, one care giver, and one loved one at a time.



Training consists of a weekend seminar which will equip individuals with insight both into the disease and in God’s word.  This in turn will help carry and spread HOPE to others.  Sessions will consist of:

  • Cancer Education  (Majority of this section presented by an Oncology RN)

  • Videos and Educational Materials (training booklet for everyone)-$$

  • Ministering to the Caregivers

  • Do’s and Don'ts of Hospital Visits

  • Healing Scriptures

  • How to Create and Implement Your Own Cancer Ministry

  • Ongoing support

  • So Much More!

For More Information, visit the About our Ministry tab in the upper menu

Contact Doug or Michelle at:

Cancer ministry is a calling, but we are NOT called to do it alone.


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