Our Mission


Michelle C. Higgins,RN

CBH Founder, CEO, and Oncology Nurse

"When we answer that call and step deeper into our faith, God will equip us with everything needed to do His work.  It's a joy to be a small part and not only witness to, but also help and provide healing to His Kingdom."


Doug Higgins

CBH, Founder and CFO

"Our Ministry is dedicated to encouraging patients, caregivers, and loved ones of those diagnosed with Cancer.  When you can offer HOPE to the sick and smiles to the brokenhearted, it's a feeling like no other."

Christ Brings Hope (CBH) is not only a Ministry but we are also a Cancer Foundation.

Cancer Ministry is a calling, but we are NOT called to do it alone.

Our family founded CBH Ministry and Cancer Foundation in the fall of 2019.  We are a 501c3 nonprofit and our mission is to educate, support, encourage, and above all, bring HOPE to those who may be struggling with the challenges that a cancer diagnosis can bring.

The goal of CBH is to lessen some of the emotional, financial, or spiritual concerns that go along with this disease.


Our HOPE is to be a sense of comfort to patients and their families in the community during this difficult time.  

According to The Cancer Treatment Center of America (CTCA), the diagnosis of cancer brings fear, and there is a need for someone to bring encouragement to others and help change a difficult road, into a journey of HOPE.  

Our Ministry

The focus of our Ministry is teaching church leaders about cancer education

and awareness. 

When someone gets diagnosed with cancer, many people turn to their faith for strength and encouragement.  Knowing how to minister to patients during this time is essential for churches, especially in today's world.

WE offer weekend training seminars to churches. The teachings stem from The Cancer Treatment Centers of America's (CTCA) Cancer Ministry Team, as well as biblical based teachings. These seminars are aimed to help equip God's people to form their own Cancer Ministry within their church. 

At CBH, we are committed to educating church leaders about this much needed ministry.  In turn, educators will then be equipped with the tools needed to bring HOPE and minister to the many who are living with cancer. Church ministry will then be able to focus on one patient, one caregiver, one member, and one loved one at a time.

For more information on finding out how our ministry can help you design, incorporate, and implement a Cancer Ministry in your church. click the tab titled "Church Leaders" 

Our Foundation

The focus of our Cancer 
Foundation centers on HOPE
Our HOPE is to lift spirits, deepen one's faith, offer encouragement, and also lessen some of the financial burdens and worries that go along with the disease.  
Our goal is to help patients focus their energy on staying as healthy as possible as they fight their battle with cancer.
Helping patients pay for the non- medical necessities such as food, transportation, and some lodging expenses (if applicable) can help shift the focus from worry to a feeling of HOPE
Proceeds from CBH Ministry and Cancer Foundation help to benefit patients (and their families) who are financially distressed.
When patients are undergoing chemotherapy, we also offer Gifts Of HOPE to be a sense of comfort during some of those days when struggles can sometimes seem they are at their highest. 

Take a moment to view our Gifts Of HOPE Page and see just some of the ways we are putting smiles on faces, bringing comfort to minds that were once filled with anxiety, and offering HOPE when there was once a feeling of defeat.